The thrill of exploration and dashing through life while cycling empowers us to do more; especially beyond the everyday boundaries and obstacles of life. We at CYCARTIS are committed to make a difference in the world– our goal is to inspire the rest of the world to get on a set pedals so that everyone can reconnect with the magnificence of nature or to discover new wonders in their home cities. The world is a magnificent artistic canvas and just like an art this beauty can be created through cycling. We bike to enjoy the freedom, to experience the beauty of diversity, and to witness the world around us on the road less traveled is truly a ravishing and delightful sight.

Do you believe that everything is connected? Our limbs are to our body just like the accessories are to bike. CYCARTIS is a solution provider that wants to balance your needs for your bike for the sake of keeping your life moving. We have created a line of handy and robust accessories that required a great depth of knowledge for mathematical engineering and a strong eye for design.  It is this combination of design and engineering that has lead us to the technique of doing the right specified action at the right specified time – to make cycling an art.  This is what shapes our attitude and our passion for innovation for both cycling and for our customers.  Our mission is to provide you with a sense of safety as you cycle on your journey of conquering the landscape.