Warranty Policy

All warranties cover any products against any manufacturer defects. We are responsible for handling your warranty claim. This warranty is not transferable and only applies to original warranty holder. We reserve the right to deny warranty service if the product does not meet our requirements for the warranty policy. Please be noted that this warranty does not cover any incidental or consequential damages caused by using the products.

Warranty Service:

Purchases from Brick and Mortar Retailers: For purchases not made through us directly or through AMAZON online stores, please reach out to your original retailer where you purchased the product. Please note the proof of purchase is required.

Purchases Online through Amazon: Our products are provided through FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). Please contact Amazon for any quality issues.

 Warranty time:

The 2 year warranty is activated from the original purchase date for all products, e.g. bicycle lights (except batteries), CO2 inflator, multi-tools

The 6 month warranty is activated from the original purchase date for rechargeable batteries e.g. Lithium Lon batteries in bike lights.

Uncovered warranty:

All warranties are void if any product defection, cosmetic damage, or product failure stems from (1) User crash, misuse, and abuse or neglect (2) Alteration, modification, or improper installation. Issues (1) normal wear and tear (2) consumable parts (3) free products (4) purchases from unauthorized retailers that are not covered.

Repaired and Replacements:

Returns must include all accessories and the original packing (if applicable).

Returns must be delivered to the designated shipping address or original retailers.

For non-quality related warranty claims, the shipping cost is paid by the purchaser.

If after inspection, any defection in the materials or workmanship is found then we will repair or replace the item(s) at no cost. Shipping and handling may apply.

Shipping and handling must be covered by purchasers in the event of the following situations.

Return of a products without a proven defect

Buyers’ accidental return

Non-quality related issues

Purchase from unauthorized retailers

Returning defective items with international shipping

Should you have any questions about our warranty, please contact us at service.cycartis@gmail.com anytime for assistance or contact the authorized retailers found in your region. Please double check the information above to make sure the claim falls within the warranty criteria before contacting us.

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