The Debut of Our first product- cycling lights

Changing the way that bikers use cycling light is our priority and responsibility. We found out the cycling lights that we see on the market strongly emphasize their brightness- Lumen or Lux. Brightness is never enough for cyclists riding in the dark or even in daytime mode throughout the day. SAFETY came to our mind when our team firstly agreed upon on cycling lights as our first debut. We believe that our LED light with i-Flux technology is an authentic improvement for cycling lights for cyclists.

We care for the safety and security of each biker on the road, regardless of the weather conditions, whether it is day or night.  Our goal is to provide you freedom from danger through the use of proper lighting. Creating lights that cater to the various demands of bikers whether they are city bikers, mountain bikers, or road bikers is our mission. What we do is to protect your safety and security during your journey as a professional cycling lighting provider.




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