Project Description

ALFA 350

ALFA 350 is a genuine cycling light that efficiently distributes light downwards toward the road ahead and reliably regardless of the time of day. It improves the visibility under poor ambient light avoiding sudden conditions such as glare toward oncoming traffic or pedestrians. This light will always keep you company riding through darkness to lead the way to your destination in case you get lost and are searching for a way home or if you are exploring the unknown.

  • An ultra-wide beam pattern lights up the road ahead with a wider visible area

  • A cut-off line creates a riding journey that is more comfortable and safer

  • An efficient energy solution that provides sufficient light time during your journey

  • A power indication gives signal when LED light in a low battery status

  • A rechargeable battery is eco-friendly and green for a better environment

  • An ambient light sensor that detects lighting conditions and when it is dark it turns on the light automatically

  • A daytime mode keeps you seen in the day time and increases visibility

  • A sleek design with a durable aluminum casing that goes with any bike perfectly

  • A mode memory that records the last mode of light you used, without returning to its initial setting

  • A universal rubber strap that fits the various types bicycle handlebars making it easy to install or remove

LED 1 x High Power White LED
Battery 800mAh Lithium Polymer
Runtime Semi-Bright: 3.8hrs
Full-Bright: 2.5hrs
Slow-Flashing: 15hrs
Micro-Flashing: 30hrs
Charging Time 2-3 Hours (Approx.)
USB Cable Micro USB Cable
Battery Indicator Green: 80%↑
Orange: 30-80%
Red: 30%↓
Casing CNC-Machined Aluminum
*Sand blasting / Black / Anode
*Hairline Finishing / Black / Anode
*Hairline Finishing / Red / Anode
*Hairline Finishing / Silver / Anode
Rubber Strap Fits Ø 25.4-48mm
Water Proof IPX4 Water Resistance
Package Contents 1 x LED Head Light
1 x Micro USB Cable
Size 73 x 31 mm x 31 mm
Weight 78g
Power Indication YES
Auto Mode YES
(Ambient Light Sensor)
Day Time Mode YES
Mode Memory YES
GoPro Bracket  Adaptor OPTION
Technology i-Flux Optical Technology


Note : Runtime and charging time may be varied depending on the operational environment and conditions