Project Description

Chain Wear / Rotor Wear Indicator


For Chain Wear Indicator

Chain will be wear sprockets after long-time riding, the Chain Wear Indicator quickly and accurately checked the chain wearing degree, convenient for you to make a replacement.

Measurement Method :

If the two ends of the chain checker cannot be inserted into the chain gap in 0.5% 0.75% and 1% size, the chain elongation is within the normal range. Otherwise, it means that the chain has been overstretched and needs to be replaced.

The indicator comes with integrated chain hooks that help hold chains in place during assembly or repair.

For Rotor Wear Indicator

The Rotor Wear Indicator instantly checks the braking disk thick of a (worn) rotor against manufacturer suggested minimum thickness for replacement.

For others, please check with rotor manufacturer for specific Min.TH suggestions.

  • SUS304 CNC
  • Double sided Hairline Finishing