CYCARTIS has devoted many years to the design and development of bike accessories. Our knowledgeable R&D team has received specialized experience and training in mechanics, optics, and electrical engineering for over 20 years. The more time that we have become involved in the cycling world has led to a deeper connection with the type of bike accessories that we would like to create. We want to provide genuine good quality accessories for everyone and as a result we have developed our expertise and resources to achieve this goal. We can fulfill any requirements or needs that you might have and we can give solutions to cycling issues or improvements you may need through our products. In a nutshell, we work as cycling solution providers and we cycle after we finish work simply because Cycling Is Our Passion And Attitude.



  • We want to connect with people from all over the world so that we can make cycling as social catalyst as well as a clean method of transportation and exercise.

  • We do not want to be spectators but rather we want to be participators who need your help in influencing more people in hitting the pedals and then the road.

  • We believe that creating and endorsing a culture of health will keep your life moving and encourage you in shaking up the status quo in your life.

  • We are devotedly passionate in our quest for the most perfect products that are both high-utility and high quality.

  • We are constantly seeking new methods of providing our customers the best quality that doesn’t come at the cost of environmental destruction.

  • We have a desire to become a sustainable company takes responsibility for our global resources and environments.

We give you our guarantee to deliver transparency, dignity, and respect to our employees, partners, and customers that is focused through the lens of humanity and aimed for a brighter and greener future.