We observed that many bike riders use super powerful outdoor torches (flashlights) for their cycling lights and they think that there is no difference as long as the illumination is downwards. Nonetheless, they might be in a danger without knowing it. Since the function of an outdoor flashlight is distinctive, it’s used in the darkness and for a walking pace. A focused lens on a LED light is not suitable for cyclists as they cannot observe the conditions that are occurring nearby or even on a rainy day. They also sometimes may cause blindness due to the reflection of water pooled on the road and this can putt riders in a hazardous situation.

Optical Design Without OptimizationOptical Design With Optimization

Our LED lights with i-Flux technology are well designed for the distribution of light when you are riding at speed. As we move forward we will come out with more bike lights to cater to different riders such as mountain bikers, road bikers or city bikers. Bike lights have to be chosen according to a varied beam pattern, e.g. longer visible distance with focused optics that fits road bikers and wider beam pattern for mountain bikers. An optical lens is the major core component of our bike lights and they are vastly different from outdoor flashlights.