MAKING An authentic cycling light

be visible and be safe 

Being a light producer, every factor related to energy and brightness must be considered. However, as a professional designer and provider in lighting systems, we do more than that. Light with which “To See” and “To Be Seen” plus a comfortable and friendly riding environment is our core value and this is what we call an authentic cycling light, just like lights on automobiles, not outdoor flashlights.


Our LED light with i-Flux technology is focused on the light field and it does not waste enormous amounts of light in order to create a balanced and comfortable level of illumination.  That means we needed to utilize the energy of the battery and level of illumination with a unique level of optimization that is unlike cycling light in the market. The added value of our LED light is cut-off line that is aimed for the heart or chest of human beings that the rider might observe.


We think of this cut-off line as a “Must” standard on our head light when it comes to towards its application when moving forwards under high speed.  We also strongly emphasize this in our head light mainly because it does not give off a glare toward those in oncoming traffic. The LED Light distributes downwards to the path, not directly to the eyes of commuters or road riders and this is done to avoid causing any disturbances, dizziness or even blindness to others, particularly those who are very sensitive to LED bright lights. We are concerned about riders’ safety as well as others, the safety of pedestrians and vehicular drivers as we work to create a friendly riding environment.


Not only is the optical design for each light beam optimized for light balance and then extensively field tested for each light but we have placed emphasis on circuit design in order to make sure each circuit is indispensable for our bike lights. Every head light we produced is equipped with a cut-off line and a reliable energy source that was designed with maximizing stability in order to meet the current demands of bike riders. We understand the desire for efficient power on each bike light is a requisite that must be provided for in order to insure sufficient runtime for long journeys. The optical lens and printed circuit boards are professionally designed, manufactured, and tested without any compromise.


We assure all of our customers that our products and services meet your standard of quality.


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